Flare science in Kepler, K2 and TESS light curves

AltaiPony is a toolbox for statistical flare studies in photometric time series from Kepler, K2, and TESS, including flare search and characterization, injection/recovery diagnostics, and statistical analysis of flare frequency distributions along with extensive documentation and tutorials.

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Often, when something does not work in AltaiPony, and this documentation is useless, troubleshooting can be done by diving into the extensive lightkurve docs. Otherwise, you can always shoot Ekaterina an email or directly open an issue on GitHub. Many foreseeable problems will be due to bugs in AltaiPony or bad instructions on this website.

Contribute to AltaiPony

AltaiPony is under active development on Github. If you use AltaiPony in your research and find yourself missing a functionality, I recommend opening an issue on GitHub or shooting Ekaterina an email. Please do either of the two before you open a pull request. This may save you a lot of development time.

How to cite this work

If you end up using this package for your science, please cite Ilin et al. (2021) [a] and Davenport (2016) [b].

Please also cite lightkurve as indicated in their docs [1].

Depending on the methods you use, you may also want to cite

  • Maschberger and Kroupa (2009) [2] (MMLE power law fit)
  • Wheatland (2004) [3] (MCMC power law fit)
  • Aigrain et al. (2016) [4] and their software [5] (K2SC de-trending)
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